The root of our success is the
quality of your lawn.

A. All of our chosen products are safe and approved, and applied by trained NPTC certified Technicians. Though we do advise to keep animals and children away from any treated areas just after our visit to give the product time to take effect.

A. No, we don’t offer a grass cutting service. We only cut grass at the time of undertaking a lawn scarify in order to get a good finish. So if you see us cutting grass, it will be as part of a scarify package only.

A. Lawns should be cut at least once per week for best results. If lawns are left long for periods of time and then cut down very short, they will start to go off colour and look poor, which is a term we refer to as “shock”. Lots of water is the best thing for a shocked lawn. Cutting little and often is key.

A. Anytime is a good time to start improving your lawn. Pro Lawn work on your lawn throughout the year, not just the growing season.

A. Yes. Most treatments must be watered in, although we do have non scorch and drought safe fertilisers for use when conditions are extremely hot. Even if you don’t receive treatments, it’s important to water your lawn as it needs regular watering during the growing season to keep it healthy.

A. It doesn’t matter how poor your lawn is, we will have a service to help improve it. Our staff can advise you on what options are available.

A. Regardless of what anyone might say, there is NO one magic treatment to getting a beautiful lawn. It’s achieved through a combination of hard work between us and the customer, and applying the right treatments at the right time. Occasionally we might have to take your lawn “back” before we can take it “forward”. Although it wouldn’t be long before you would start to notice significant improvements in the overall quality and condition of your lawn.

A. Pro Lawn is not a gardening company. We provide specialist lawn care and advice that will enhance the work of a Gardener, if you have one. Remember, our lawn treatments are superior to what a Gardener can provide. Leave your lawn to the experts.

A. Many of our customers are out at the time of our visits. So long as there is access, our Technicians will carry out the service and notify you of any relevant information.

A. If an aspect of our service isn’t as you expected, please contact our office immediately and let us know. We value the quality of our service and the satisfaction of our customers is important to us. We always aspire to do our very best by improving our services and remedying any issues identified in a swift and professional manner.

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