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Lawns which are damaged; have an extensive thatch problem; shallow root system; been left thin/bare from heavily scarifying to remove excess moss; or just worn out, can be restored to its former glory using our restoration services. 

Lawn Restoration

Restoration involves scarifying your lawn back to the soil level in order to remove surface thatch, dead grass and heavy moss as these factors prevent water and nutrients reaching the soil and root zone where they are required most.  The lawn will then be aerated to help improve root development and to create seeding beds for sowing.  Top dressing will then be applied (compost based soil will occasionally be used depending on the conditions) along with a quality selected seed.  Your lawn will be monitored over the following weeks in order to check on germination.  If more seed requires to be added, this will be done until the customer is satisfied. 

Lawn Restoration

Over the years Pro Lawn have adapted our techniques to achieve the best results from all types of soil conditions.  

Let our customers do the talking… 

This is a recommendaion to publicise the experise of the technical staff of Pro Lawn, who transformed my dilapidated lawn into a worthwhile expanse of verdant lawn worthy of any porfolio.