Pro Lawn Services

Our knowledge and expertise tell us no two lawns are the same and no two customers are looking for the same from their lawns. We provide a range of services and programmes to suit you and your lawns needs.


When is the best time to start the service?

Any time is a good time to start improving your lawn. Pro Lawn work on your lawn thoughout the year, not just during the growing season.

I already have a gardener!

Pro Lawn is not a gardening company. We provide a specialist lawn treatment service that enhances the work of a gardener, if you have one. Remember that Pro Lawn treatments are superior to what a gardener can provide. Leave your lawn to the experts.

I'm out all day or at work!

60% of our customers are out at the time of treatment. So long as there is access, our Technicians will carry out the service and notify you of any relevant information.

How soon will I notice the difference?

Regardless of what anyone may say, there is "NO" one magic treatment to get a beautiful lawn. This is achieved through a combination of working alongside the Customer, nature, and our staff applying the right treatments at the right time. Sometimes we may have to take your lawn "back" before we can take it "forward".  Although it wouldn't be long before you would start to notice significant improvements in the overall quality of your lawn.  Cutting is by far one of the most important factors in lawn care and we would advise at least weekly cutting during the growing season for best results to help enhance the work we do.