Aeration lawn services

Covering Ayrshire, Glasgow, Renfrewshire,
Inverclyde and Lanarkshire areas.

Aeration is performed in order to improve drainage and reduce compaction. We carry out two types of aeration; Hollow Tine Aeration is the best way of breaking up sub-surface thatch to improve compaction and availability of water, oxygen and fertilisers in getting to the root zone where grass needs it the most. Hollow Tine Aeration will remove hundreds of cores from your lawn.

Alternatively, we also provide Solid Tine Aeration which has all the benefits of Hollow Tine Aeration as it improves drainage etc but will not reduce compaction in the same way. However as there are no cores to be disposed of, it is a lot tidier and less messy on the lawn and is our most requested form of aeration.


Hollow Core Aeration

Solid Tine Aeration

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