Pro Lawn Services

Premier Service

We believe the most important feature in producing a beautiful garden is “your lawn”.  Our industry leading Premier Service reinforces our innovative approach to lawn care.

Through our knowledge and experience, we recognise that to create the perfect lawn it requires a lot more than fertilisers alone.  Each lawn is unique therefore requires an individually tailored maintenance programme. 

Our flagship Premier Service consists of eight comprehensive visits spread over 12 months which includes; spring scarifying and seeding (where required), a balanced programme of  soil conditioners and fertiliser feeds throughout the summer months when you want your lawn looking its best, weed control, fungicides, autumn hollow core aeration to improve drainage and root development, winter feeds to control moss, and winter solid tine aeration to continue to improve drainage over the wet winters and aid air circulation to the roots.

We will assign a qualified Lawn Care Technician to be responsible for the overall management of your lawn.  His skills, knowledge and expertise, along with our exclusive range of sophisticated and professional products will allow him to improve and maintain your lawn to the highest standard.

The cost of this programme can be spread over 12 equal interest free monthly payments.

Pricing Guide

This service is available from £30 per month, based on a lawn of up to 100m². All pricing is subject to a survey by one of our lawn care specialists.