Standard Lawn Service

Our Standard Service is a no obligation
pay as you go service.

Our treatment programme has been carefully compiled as a result of our research and development over many years. This enables us to deliver a balanced programme consisting of five treatment applications throughout spring, early summer, late summer, autumn, and winter, to encourage a lush and healthy lawn.

Please note you can also request scarifying, aeration and overseeding from our ‘Other Services’ on a pay as you go basis.

Our annual treatment schedule

Treatment 1 (March to May)

Involves spreading our mini granular fertiliser to help control moss and encourage strong growth, giving your lawn a lush green look for spring.

Treatment 2 (May to July)

Pro Lawns selected "Advanced Technology" granular fertiliser will be applied to replace the nutrients lost from regular cutting to develop a strong and healthy green sward. The lawn will be treated with a selective weed killer (if required).

Treatment 3 (July to September)

Pro Lawns selected "Advanced Technology" granular fertiliser will be applied. The analyst of this product will be chosen by taking into account the condition of your lawn as well as weather conditions at the time of our visit.

Treatment 4 (September to December)

Emphasis is on moss control and strengthening roots. Our special Autumn feed is applied in a liquid or granular form. This is an important feed as it's at this time of year your lawn may suffer from moss over the long winter months.

Treatment 5 (December to February)

Once again the emphasis is on moss control. Due to optimum growing conditions for moss through the milder and wetter winters of late, moss is becoming more and more of a problem in the domestic lawn. This treatment will also strengthen the sward against disease.

Pricing Guide

This service is available from £20 per treatment, based on a lawn of up to 50m². All pricing is subject to a survey by one of our lawn care specialists.

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