Pro Lawn Turfing

Pro Lawn only uses the highest quality turf, with high performing cultivars. The turf is hard wearing and attractive to the eye.  This combined with our professional preparation, ensures the best results, and a long healthy life span for your lawn.

Lawn Turfing Before / After

We only purchase high quality turf that has been grown from seed in some of the UK’s finest turf nurseries.  This turf is proven to be 99% weed free.  The process all begins at a strategically sought-out selected piece of land, known as the nursery, where the turf is grown, nurtured and manicured to perfection.

Lawn Turfing

When ordering and purchasing our turf, we ensure that we only order what we require, thus ensuring our customers receive healthy fresh turf.

Why Turf....?

Turfing provides an instant solution and looks good straight away.  Whereas other means of repair or restoration may take weeks or months.  Once the turf has been laid and an aftercare programme followed correctly, a new lawn can be in use in a matter of weeks.

Lawn Turfing

We also supply artificial turf, contact us for more details.