March 2020

Hello March, we made it!

I realise we’re not completely out of the danger zone yet but reaching March without being hampered by the likes of ‘the beast from the east’ feels pretty good.  I type this with one hand tapping the keyboard and the other hand tapping on my wooden desk.

What’s happening?

Well, a lot actually!

Our Premier technicians started spring renovations (scarifying/top dressing/seeding) on Monday 2nd.  The aim of this is to remove any build-up of moss and Thatch that has accumulated throughout the course of last year.  Lawns will be left looking brown, but this is normal.

Standard technicians have already started spring treatments consisting of a conventional granular fertiliser with an NPK content of 14-0-0 8.9Fe.  This will give an instant impact of growth, and the colour will improve greatly.  Any remaining moss spores will be targeted by the iron content within the feed.

We’re excited to announce that we have a new technician for our Standard Service, Andy. I’ve started the training process with Andy and we hope he’ll be ready soon to head out and get his teeth into it.

Staying with the Standard Service, we have a new van that’s been added to the fleet.  It’ll be rolled out and used from this month, while the van we’ve replaced will drop onto the substitute’s bench, for those odd times when one of our main fleet is ‘injured and out of commission’.

On the Total Weed Solutions side of the business both technicians, Kyle H & Kyle P, have begun the first of two applications of our Total Herbicides and Moss & Algae Eliminator treatments on hard standing surfaces in customers properties.  As you can imagine, really wet weather can stop us getting this work done as it prevents the products working effectively.  But don’t worry, when Mother Nature doesn’t want to play ball, the ‘Kyles’ don’t stand still.  As experienced lawn care techs, they’re put to good use on our lawn treatment side of the business.

Review of February

Here, in the West of Scotland, we see our fair share of changeable weather.  February was just that.  One day it was pleasant with decent spells of sunshine, the next day it looked and felt like we were at the North Pole.  While a day or 2 later you could’ve been blown out to the Isle of Arran if you didn’t have enough change in your pockets!  However, we just have to get on with it, it is Scotland…. in the winter!

We managed to complete all of our scheduled work, albeit some days were suspended through poor weather but technicians were flexible enough to work these days back the next available weekend.

Machines were all serviced in preparation for the season ahead.  We carry out annual services ourselves, but when it comes to more technical issues, we send them along to our local garden machine engineering firm – as we did when replacing and setting the blades on our scarifiers.


Charity focus

Pro Lawn made the trip over to The Ayrshire Hospice on 22nd February.  It made for a good visit as it gave us a first-hand view on what our charitable donations are used for.

We’ve got a couple of events set-in-stone now.  Some of our team have signed up for the ‘Shining Star Memory Walk’ which is a 13mile hike around Prestwick & Ayr, this takes place on Saturday 16th May.

And so far, it’s only me that’s signed up for ‘The Kilt walk’, which is a 23mile hike around Glasgow on Sunday 26th April – C’mon Team…I’ll be needing some company on the day – let’s get some more of you signed up to take part!


So that’s it for March.  I’ll follow up soon with my ‘Tips & Advice’ for March, so keep checking back.