March Tips

Lawn maintenance in March.

Officially, spring doesn’t begin until March 20th but if you ask anyone at Pro Lawn they’ll tell you it starts around March 1st. Our services all kick off at the beginning of March whether it be spring scarifying, spring treatments or total weed control on hard standing areas.

Your lawn mower should well and truly have been inspected and if required it should have been serviced by a garden machinery specialist. Remember your mower will be used a lot through the season and with regular maintenance it will help to extend your mowers life.

Here are some lawn care tips for March:

First cut – If you had the chance to read last months’ blog I recommended you cut the lawn if the weather conditions were suitable. If you managed to do that, great, if not, IT’S TIME! It’s been mild through the winter so grass hasn’t completely stopped growing. Don’t hack your lawn down in one go, cut down in stages.

Apply a suitable spring treatment – winter is harsh on the grass plant, it has to withstand the harshest of weather. Due to the reduction of readily available nutrients the plant can appear yellow & stressed. Spring is a good time to replace and spruce up the nutrients that have been lacking through the winter months. Garden centres will offer a range of 3-in-one (Feed-weed-moss) treatments. These can be successful but instructions must be followed carefully to avoid over applying feeds. We also apply super-duper spring treatments in case you didn’t know, prices start from as little as £20.00!! Get your own quote here

Remedial work – Through-out the year for a number of reasons your lawn will build up a layer of Thatch and also soil can suffer from Compaction  These two issues cause a restriction of nutrients flowing into the grass roots. Raking the surface can remove some of the thatch and moss, an easier way to carrying this out is to scarify the lawn (mechanically rake) these machines can be hired for a tool hire organisation. Aeration is also a useful task to try and break up thatch and compaction, this can be achieved using something as simple as a garden fork – although if you have a large lawn can be a real back breaker! Like scarifiers, aerator machines can be hired. Here at Pro Lawn we have a promotion on our ‘Scarify package’. For £2.50m2 we can scarify, aerate and re-seed your lawn. We recommend this is done at the beginning of the year at the start of the growing season.


Weeds – You’ll always hear the older generation complaining “they don’t make weed killers like they used to” and they would be correct. Legislation changes all the time when it comes to pesticides and what seems like an excellent product one day could be taken off the market the next day. But not to worry, we’re always on the look-out for the latest all singing all dancing Herbicides, whether it be a Selective or a Total Herbicide. Now is the right time to think about weeds on your hard standing areas. No-one really wants to spend time on their hand and knees all year picking out weeds. One good application of Herbicide at this time of year should keep your surfaces weed free all spring and most of the summer months. Check out the other side to our business to see if we can help you. You can even obtain a quote from the comfort of your sofa!

Until next month, take care of yourself and enjoy the early springtime in your garden.