Fertilisation and weed killing help create the correct environment for a beautiful green lawn. It is important not to underestimate the mowing of your lawn – the correct mowing will make all the difference to the health and appearance of your lawn.

Two of the most important practices in mowing are not to cut the lawn too short, never cut the grass less than 1 inch, no matter what other people tell you. Try not to let the grass grow too long before cutting and never cut more than one third off the length of your grass in one cut, or you may put your grass in ‘shock’ where it will become yellow/brown in colour and appear dead. You will also get unsightly brown tips on your grass when the lawn is mowed when too wet.

How often should you cut your lawn?

At Pro Lawn we recommend you cut your lawn once a week. If you want that beautiful velvety look all year round and you have the time, we suggest twice per week during spring to late summer to help achieve that look. The secret is little and often. Please note, in a dry spell you may find that the growth of your grass slows down. We highly recommend that to maintain the look and colour you reduce your cuts and slightly increase the length of your grass and of course always water your lawn when the sun is low.

What type of lawn mower is best for your lawn?

For the majority of us, the rotary mower is most suitable. This is because it can cope better with grass when it is overgrown than what a cylinder mower can. It also copes better with uneven lawns than a cylinder mower. Rotary mowers with the addition of a rear roller will stripe your lawn too. However, if you have a flat lawn and you are cutting your lawn often and the perfect cut and stripe is what you are looking for, then a cylinder mower may be the one for you.

Mowing the lawn helps to stimulate side shoot growth and development in the grass and this leads to the build up of a dense, healthy lawn, that has a strong growth rate.

Correct and consistent mowing practice will compliment the work carried out by Pro Lawn and help towards a beautiful, healthy lawn all year round.